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6805 Long Beach Blvd  Brant Beach NJ 08008
Phone: (609) 494-3322    Fax: (609) 494-6504

Long Beach township Police Communications Division

The Long Beach Township Communications Division has 9 full-time and 4 part-time state certified Communications Officers that staff the communications Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The communications staff works 2 shifts, each shift is 12 hours. During the winter months there are two Communications Officers on duty for each shift. During the summer months there are three scheduled for each shift during peak hours from 11am to 3am. The center handles approximately 70,000 incidents a year that mainly include but are not limited to;
  • Quality of life complaints; noise,parking,animals,fireworks.
  • Criminal complaints of domestic violence, drug offenses, fights, burglaries, warrants for wanted person(s) or property. Assisting other agencies with investigations.
  • Motor vehicle complaints and enforcement; traffic accidents,driving while intoxicated, enforcement of traffic, pedestrian and bicycle laws.
  • Public assistance; water rescues, medical calls, missing person(s), fires, gas leaks,down wires, property checks.

 The Communications Officers are the link between the citizens and the public safety services of Long Beach Island. Long Beach Township Communications Division dispatches police services for the following communities on Long Beach Island.
The Long Beach Township Communications Division does not dispatch but updates and monitors several fire, rescue and medical agencies that service Long Beach Island.
        Barnegat Light EMS            Barnegat Light Fire
        Beach Haven EMS            Beach Haven Fire
        Ship Bottom Fire              High Point Fire (Harvey Cedars)
        Surf City EMS                    Surf City Fire
The Communications Center handles many water rescue calls each year. They are the link between the United States Coast Guard, Marine Police and water rescue agencies that serve Long Beach Island.

 The Communications center employs several advanced communications and computer systems to allow officers quick and easy access to the information and documents. There are four (4) complete dispatch consoles to allow for additional communications personnel in the summer months. Each console has the following computer access;
  • Zetron Radio consoles - with 12 radio channels.
  • Avaya administrative phone system - 12 non-emergency incoming lines and 12 additional outgoing lines.
  • KML 9-1-1 Emergency Phone System - 8 incoming emergency lines.
  • Critical Reach AMBER Alert system.
  • General Dynamics CAD system - Computer aided dispatch, silent computer aided dispatch to vehicles, records reporting system.
  • Criminal Justice Information System - Motor vehicle information, wants and warrants in state and out of state.
  • Automated Office of the Courts System - Motor vehicle and criminal warrants, Domestic Violence Registry, Juvenile Registry system.
  • Global Connect Notification System - a system used to notify residence of pertinent information.
  • Packet Talk Video Monitoring system.
  • NIXLE System - email and text notification system to notify citizens of pertinent information.
  • INFO-COP - system in the patrol car that allows officer's to query motor vehicle and wanted person files in the C.J.I.S system while on patrol.
  • License Plate Reader - another system in the patrol car that query's motor vehicle and wanted person files in the CJIS system while officers are on patrol.

 Emergency 9-1-1 System

The 9-1-1 system was established in Long Beach Township in 1994. When a resident dials 9-1-1 from a location on Long Beach Island the call is recieved by the Ocean County Sheriff's Department. The call is initally screened to determine if it is an emergency, the nature of the emergency and the location of the emergency. The call is then transferred to the Long Beach Township communications Center for police dispatch.

9-1-1 is for emergency use only!!! 

Dial 9-1-1 for all in-progress or life threatening emergencies.
What is an emergency?
Someone is hurt or in danger, or if you are in immediate need of police,fire or medical assistance. If you are unsure if your situation is an emergency you should err on the side of safety and call 9-1-1 and let the expert who answers your call make the decision.
Know where you are and where you need help sent to!!!
Post your address clearly and prominently in multiple locations on your property
Place your address clearly by each phone in the house especially if it is not your primary residense.
All other calls should be placed to our non-emergency number 609-494-3322.
9-1-1 and Cell Phones 

 Depending on your service provider, 911 calls placed from a cell phone WILL NOT provide us with your exact location. Your location may be generated based upon the cell tower your call is being transmitted from or through GPS. Both of these methods are not very accurate in determining your exact postion. Therefore, it is imperative that you try to remain calm and answer any questions the dispatcher may have, especially regarding the location of the emergency.

9-1-1 can be contacted from every device that can make [phone calls (traditional landlines, cell phones, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), but the callback and location information that accompanies your call to the 9-1-1 center can vary drastically amongst technologies and between regions. It is your job to be knowledgeable about the devices your family could use to call 9-1-1, as well as the potential limitations that may be associated with them. Contact your service provider(s) for more information.



Important Questions about 9-1-1

Q. When should I call 9-1-1 ?
A. For all crimes in progress, medical emergencies, fires, serious motor vehicle accidents, or for any other incident which requires an immediate police, fire, or emergency medical response.
Q. What do I need to tell the dispatcher?
A. You will need to provide your name, the phone number your calling from and the location and nature of the emergency. Try to remain calm and speak with a clear voice while providing this information.
Q. What should I do if I dial 9-1-1 by accident?
A. Please DO NOT HANG UP! Stay on the line and tell the dispatcher that the call was made in error. Our departments policy is to investigate all abandoned 9-1-1 calls to determine whether or not a true emergency exists. This may result in a police officer being dispatched to your location.

9-1-1 and the Law

Under NJ Law, it is illegal to make false/prank phone calls to 9-1-1. NJ Statute 2C:33-3.e states,
"A person is guilty of a disorderly persons offence if the person knowingly places a call to a 9-1-1 emergency telephone system without purpose of reporting the need for 9-1-1 service."
If convicted for a violation of this statute, you could face up to 6 months imprisonment and a $500.00 fine.