Animal Cruelty Investigations

Long Beach Township Humane Law Enforcement Officers are in charge of overseeing animal cruelty investigations within Long Beach Township and Barnegat Light Borough. These investigations are taken seriously, as they often involve some of the most at-risk and helpless victims in the community. Additionally, studies have repeatedly shown a strong correlation between offenders who commit animal cruelty offenses and offenders who commit acts of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, and other violent offenses. To learn more about this correlation, please visit

Long Beach Township Humane Law Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing animal welfare and animal cruelty laws of the State of New Jersey under Title 4: Agriculture and Domestic Animals and N.J.S.A. 2C:33-31 and 32. They are trained to investigate and sign complaints concerning violations of animal cruelty.  Furthermore, they work toward the detection, apprehension, and arrest of offenders against the animal welfare and cruelty laws of the State.


If you would like to make an active Animal Cruelty complaint, please contact the Long Beach Township Police Department at (609) 494-3322. If you have any further questions in reference to animal cruelty investigations, you may also contact:

Detective Angelo Fiorentino at 609-361-2070 or email: