In 1993, then Detective Matt Peterson of the Long Beach Township Police Department, under the direction of Chief James Hartmann attended the D.A.R.E. Officer Training Course, an extensive eighty-hour training course that ranges from educational philosophies to drug recognition. After Sergeant Peterson initiated the program, Patrolman Kevin Lyons was sent to the training in order to assist Sergeant Peterson. Today, Community Police Officer Megan Keller (Officer Megan) along with Ship Bottom Patrolman Ron Holloway (Officer Ron) and Patrolman Michael Allen (Officer Mike) from Surf City Police Department administer the program in the Long Beach Island Grade School and the E.J. School.  Long Beach Township has also recently sent Officer Sean Ferguson (Officer Sean) to DARE Officer Training and he will be assisting the other Officers in teaching DARE.

We are also proud to announce that our own DARE Officer Megan has been trained by DARE America as a DARE Mentor and is currently involved in the training of new DARE Officers in the State of NJ.

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Every year on Long Beach Island, our 7,500 year-round residents are joined by about 140,000 seasonal residents and visitors from late June to early September.  While nearly every demographic vacations in Long Beach Township, it is inevitable that our Police will encounter underage drinking and underage possession of alcohol during many of their calls for service.  In an effort to decrease underage drinking and underage possession of alcohol with other surrounding Police Departments, we have begun to endorse the DART Prevention Coalition. DART is a County-wide program whose goal is to engage youth and residents in the process of reducing substance abuse.

For more information do not hesitate to contact Patrolman Ferguson (609-494-3322 ext. 2428) with any questions or concerns.

Please watch the video below from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office entitled “A Note to Parents” which is a video explaining to parents the dangers of drug abuse. You can find more videos like this on their website. Click here