As early as 1908, Police Motorcycles have been used in Traffic Law Enforcement. Motorcycle Units hold a unique position within the Police Department. Police motorcycles have many functions including traffic enforcement, patrol duties, escorts, public relations and parades. Supervised by Sgt. Brendan Kerlin, the Long Beach Township Police Motorcycle Unit was re-established in April of 2009. These officers are specially trained in the care and handling of their motor units.

Motorcycles are highly maneuverable and their high acceleration response capabilities make them excellent tools for traffic law enforcement in any congested area. One great advantage possessed by Police Motor Units is the ability to access areas a standard patrol car cannot go. A Motor Unit’s ability to maneuver through heavy traffic allows them to respond to incidents much faster than traditional squad cars and they are economical to operate. The enforcement capabilities of motor units are another advantage. For example, once a vehicle is detected, a properly trained motor officer can turn the motorcycle around within a lane and a half (18 ft.) in order to stop the violator. This capability allows the motor unit to carry out his duties with less hindrance to traffic. They are also highly valuable for patrolling the highly congested beach and waterfront areas in the summertime.Additionally, motorcycle officers respond to dispatched patrol calls for service. Police Motorcycles are excellent for conducting police escorts. In addition to looking extremely professional, the motor unit’s size can be used as an advantage if passing maneuvers are necessary. Police Motorcycles are excellent for public relations. Long Beach Township Police Motor Units are invited regularly to schools and special events such as local parades, community events, and other details. Our motor units are also regularly called upon to participate in funerals and other ceremonial duties.

Training to become a police motorcycle officer is comprehensive and extremely difficult. The Long Beach Township Motorcycle Unity utilizes Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles. Officers in the Motorcycle Unit must successfully complete the Northwestern University’s eighty hour Basic Police Motorcycle Operators Course. This training consists of a closed course stress/obstacle course at high and low speeds, braking exercises, and a cross country course all designed to force the officer to perform at a level that nearly exceeds their ability. This replicates the frequent split second situations and adverse street conditions that can cause accidents.

We are extremely proud to have such highly skilled and professional Motor Officers here at the Long Beach Township Police Department. These officers are very dedicated and train regularly to provide efficient police services to our citizens

Current Long Beach Township Motor Officers:

                   Sgt. B. Kerlin                        

           Ptl. J. Hoffman   Ptl. M. Vereb    Ptl. D Voorhees