The Long Beach Township Water Rescue Unit was implemented in 2014 as a joint venture between the Police Department and Beach Patrol.  Both entities shared experiences and knowledge to develop an initial program to meet the needs of the community.  With the acquisition of military surplus Humvees, the Police Department was able to develop a quick response vehicle able to deploy the Rescue Water Craft with limited restrictions to either the bay or ocean.  In 2016, members from the Police Department and Beach Patrol were trained by K38 Water Rescue’s Shawn Alladio. Based out of California, K38 is an International Standard in Rescue Water Craft training.  Joint training between Beach Patrol and the Police Department has been instrumental in the success of the program as well as better understanding the needs of both agencies.

STATS: In 2015 there were 13 water rescue calls for service, 2 Personal Water Craft (PWC) deployments, 4 victims rescued via PWC, and 1 rescued via rescue can/paddleboard.  In 2016 there were 4 calls for service, 2 PWC deployments, 3 victims rescued via PWC and 1 body recovery.


Lt. James Hartmann

Sgt. Brendan Kerlin

Sgt. Sean Ferguson

Sgt. Paul Vereb (Instructor)

Ptl. Brian Delpriora

Ptl. Anthony O’Cone

Ptl. Matt Vereb

Ptl. Matt Ruark